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Published: Friday 06 December 2019

Sleep tip: minimising sleep disruption when your baby or toddler is ill

At this time of year babies and little people are often ill with coughs and colds. Add to that the possibility of teething and it can really disrupt their sleep and self-settling…

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Published: Monday 02 December 2019

The perfect Christmas gift that keeps on giving!

Looking for a special present for a loved one? Look no further than a To Baby and Beyond gift voucher for our Baby and Child First Aid course, our sleep support or towards a baby…

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Published: Tuesday 03 December 2019

Keeping children safe at Christmas

Christmas is a happy time usually spent with family and friends. Whether you stay at home, visit others or are at work caring for children, we all make significant changes to our…

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Published: Monday 02 December 2019

How baby massage can help with sleep patterns

Whether you’re a parent attending a baby massage class or a teacher running their own classes, one of the amazing benefits of baby massage is its ability to help establish a good n…

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Published: Wednesday 20 November 2019

Why use songs and rhymes in baby yoga?

Music is pleasurable in any setting and a great addition to a baby yoga class. If you're a baby yoga instructor, or thinking about becoming one, it's worth considering how you use…

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Published: Tuesday 05 November 2019

Choosing a venue for your baby massage, baby yoga or toddler yoga classes

When you’re starting out as a baby massage, baby yoga or toddler yoga teacher, the venue for your sessions is likely to be one of your first decisions. So where might be good for y…

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Published: Saturday 02 November 2019

Bonfire night advice: bonfire and firework tips

We hope you’re looking forward to a fun Bonfire Night! Unfortunately there are injuries every year as a result of Bonfire Night, whether from fireworks, bonfires or sparklers. E…

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Published: Thursday 31 October 2019

Bonfire Night advice: sparkler safety tips

Who doesn't love a sparkler on Bonfire Night?! Make sure you keep your sparkler fun safe with our top tips: Stand well away from other people when you're holding a sparkler.…

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Published: Wednesday 23 October 2019

Keeping Halloween safe!

Halloween is coming up soon, and we're all looking forward to a little bit of trick or treating! Of course, it's all about the fun and seeing what treats you can collect so let's…

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Published: Wednesday 16 October 2019

How to treat burns and scalds

We've previously looked at situations in which scalds can be caused by hot drinks, a hazard pretty much all of us have at home. Hopefully you'll avoid these situations and no…

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Published: Thursday 03 October 2019

Changing clocks

With the clocks about to change on on Sunday 27th October 2019, we thought it a wise time to offer some advice on how to keep baby's sleeping settled, both for their benefit and…

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Published: Tuesday 01 October 2019

Baby Loss Awareness week, 9-15th October 2019

To Baby and Beyond are pleased to be supporting Baby Loss Awareness week. By talking to your friends, family and colleagues about Baby Loss Awareness Week and taking part in…

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