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Published: Saturday 23 July 2016

Slip, slap, slop: how to make time in the sun safer for children

Many people have now heard of the Australian saying “Slip, slop, slap” - slip on a t-shirt, slop on the sunscreen and slap on a hat - adopted in many other countries and an easy man…

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Published: Thursday 21 July 2016

Student spotlight: Karen Mayes

Karen trained with us to teach baby massage and now she is part of the To Baby and Beyond team working for us as an infant massage trainer on the instructor courses in York,…

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Published: Tuesday 19 July 2016

Baby not sleeping well? Check out our top tips for ensuring a good night's sleep

Few are the babies who sleep through from an early age and even those that start off with an uninterrupted night's sleep often change their patterns later on. So what can you, the…

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Published: Sunday 17 July 2016

What are the benefits of baby yoga for babies?

If you’re already teaching baby yoga, or you’re thinking about learning to be an instructor, you may get asked how baby yoga can benefit babies. We’ve put together what we think are s…

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Published: Thursday 14 July 2016

Baby's first months: how to make your home safer

So baby's has been at home for a few months, and you’re all settling in nicely with new routines established, and old ones firmly out the window! Hopefully you’re getting used to the…

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Published: Tuesday 12 July 2016

Learn CPR and how to use an AED (automated external defibrillator) on our new course

Did you know that a lay person or first aider performing effective CPR can improve the chances of patient survival by up to 20%? This combined with the use of an External…

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Published: Monday 04 July 2016

Our essential top 5 baby yoga reads

Whether you’re an experienced baby yoga teacher, or your coming to it for the first time, it’s always useful to read around the topic and familiarise yourself with the background, the…

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Published: Thursday 07 July 2016

Need help with baby's sleep?

If your baby or child is having problems sleeping through the night and it's affecting your sleep and well-being, then it's time to seek help. Julie Cleasby, founder of To Baby…

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Published: Tuesday 05 July 2016

Want to teach baby massage? Join us in Newcastle for our diploma course

To Baby and Beyond are pleased to announced the launch of our baby massage for instructors course in a new location in the North East: the fantastic city of Newcastle. Our…

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Published: Saturday 02 July 2016

The benefits of baby massage for infants with special needs

Recently we’ve looked at the benefits of infant massage for both parents and babies. While the advantages for babies apply to all children, there are additional benefits for i…

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Published: Thursday 30 June 2016

Before baby is born: blind cords

Sadly there have been at least 17 deaths in the last 6 years due to blind cords. Children between the ages of 16 and 36 months are most at risk. This is likely due to the mobility…

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Published: Thursday 30 June 2016

Student spotlight: Claire Currie

Meet Claire: she's been running classes for parents for over eight years, and for the last three years that's included baby massage. She's now also training with To Baby and…

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