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Published: 20 January 2015

New dates for baby yoga instructor training in Doncaster

We now have more dates to train as a baby yoga instructor in the North of England. Our next baby yoga teacher training in will take place in Doncaster, South Yorkshire on 19th and…

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Published: 16 January 2015

New validation for our baby massage and baby yoga instructor courses

At To Baby and Beyond we are proud to announce that our To Baby and Beyond trained infant massage instructors and our baby yoga instructors can now gain insurance with Care-Sure…

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Published: Thursday 8 January 2015

New infant massage instructor training dates in Wimbledon

We now have some new dates for infant massage instructor training in Wimbledon, London. We have dates planned for Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th March 2015. Our baby massage…

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Published: 7 January 2015

Train as a baby massage instructor at home for only £331

Our January sale now applies to our distance learning infant massage instructor course!!! Train as a baby massage instructor in the comfort of your own home for only £331. This…

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Published: Tuesday 6 January 2015

Learn baby first aid in Wimbledon

First for babies and children - would you know what to do in an emergency? Learn what to do if a baby or child is coking, unconscious or stops breathing. Learn basic first aid for…

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Published: 31 December 2014

15% off all our baby yoga instructor courses

Wishing you all a very happy new year! To celebrate 2015 we are offering 15% of all our full price baby yoga instructor courses booked during our sale. This makes our 2 day baby…

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Published: 24 December 2014

£15 off all our paediatric first aid courses

Wishing you all a very happy new year! To celebrate 2015 we are offering £15 of all our full price 8 and 12 hour paediatric first aid courses booked during our sale. This makes…

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Published: 19 December 2014

Anaphylaxis and Epipen training for families of children with allergies

Does your child have an allergy? Have they recently been prescribed an Epipen? Do you feel confident dealing with an allergic reaction? We now offer Anaphylaxis and Epipen…

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Published: 12 December 2014

It's been a busy November for first aid

November has proved to be a very busy month. We have trained a total of 78 people in first aid skills in Brighton and Hove and some in Kent. Most people qualified as paedaitric…

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Published: 03 December 2014

Home births may be 'best for mothers'

Hundreds of thousands more babies could be born outside hospital each year under new NHS guidelines for England and Wales. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence…

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Published: 04 December 2014

Baby sleep tips - Tip 1

Is it day or night? My baby’s got them all mixed up - sound familiar? Help your baby work out the difference between night and day. Babies do not differentiate between them…

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Published: 25 November 2014

Well done to the trainee infant massage instructors in Birmingham

Well done to the six trainee infant massage instructors on the baby massage instructor training in Birmingham last weekend. The six instructors completed the first part of the…

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