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Published: Tuesday 01 August 2017

Summer sale now on! Save £££ on your course

Our summer sale is now on, with fabulous discounts on all our courses, including First Aid for Parents, Paediatric First Aid for professionals as well as our baby yoga, toddler…

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Published: Tuesday 15 August 2017

Student spotlight: Lucy Johns

This is Lucy who runs her own holistic therapies business in Brighton and offers baby massage as one of her services. Welcome Lucy! Name: Lucy Johns Lives: Brighton What do you…

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Published: Wednesday 16 August 2017

Toy safety tips

Every child’s home, nursery or other childcare setting inevitably features toys and rightly so! Whilst most children will spend their childhood playing safely, toys can sometimes c…

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Published: Wednesday 09 August 2017

Learn to teach baby yoga or infant massage from the comfort of your own home - and with a great saving in our summer sale!

Learn to teach baby massage and baby yoga from home, at a time that suits you. Take our infant massage instructor course for the amazing price of £245 - that’s a saving of £50 on the…

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Published: Saturday 05 August 2017

Learn to teach baby yoga, toddler yoga or infant massage, and save £50 on your booking!

Until the end of August we’re offering our baby massage, baby yoga and toddler yoga instructor courses at discounted prices, with £50 off all our open course dates. If you’re thin…

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Published: Tuesday 25 July 2017

What is toddler and pre-school yoga?

Teaching toddlers and pre-school children yoga can be rewarding and a fantastic addition to other classes such as baby massage and baby yoga. Nurseries and other child care…

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Published: Tuesday 25 July 2017

Top ten toddler yoga books and resources

We recently introduced our Certificate in Teaching Toddler Yoga which sits alongside our Certificate in Teaching Baby Yoga. Anyone wishing to learn to teach toddler yoga would do…

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Published: Saturday 22 July 2017

Why use songs and rhymes in baby yoga?

Music is pleasurable in any setting and a great addition to a baby yoga class. If you're a baby yoga instructor, or thinking about becoming one, it's worth considering how you use…

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Published: Sunday 23 July 2017

Family safety at home: preventing medication poisoning

We’ve previously looked at preventing poisoning accidents around the home, including household products and button batteries. Here we focus on medications, which we all have at h…

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Published: Thursday 20 July 2017

Driveway safety for young children

With the summer holidays upon us, children are likely to be playing outside more than usual, so it pays to make sure their fun time is safe time. We’ve recently published some a…

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Published: Friday 14 July 2017

Baby yoga: questions and solutions for parents and teachers

As a parent going along to your first baby yoga class, or a teacher embarking on a new career, there are a number of situations that may arise where you may not be sure of the…

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Published: Monday 03 July 2017

Baby and toddler yoga breathing techniques: balloon breathing

Our fourth breathing technique for baby and toddler yoga is balloon breathing. Here's how to approach it: Breathe in to the abdomen to expand the abdominal area whilst counting…

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