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Published: Saturday 09 May 2020

Toy safety tips

Every child’s home, nursery or other childcare setting inevitably features toys and rightly so! Whilst most children will spend their childhood playing safely, toys can sometimes c…

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Published: Wednesday 06 May 2020

Why use songs and rhymes in baby yoga?

Music is pleasurable in any setting and a great addition to a baby yoga class. If you're a baby yoga instructor, or thinking about becoming one, it's worth considering how you use…

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Published: Wednesday 29 April 2020

First aid for parents: bath-time safety

Bath time with baby should be a fun and relaxing part of your daily routine. Sadly, unless certain precautions are taken, the bath can present risks to children’s safety. One a…

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Published: Tuesday 24 March 2020

Want to learn while safe at home? Choose an online course!

With Coronavirus affecting pretty much everything in life, we're all looking for alternative ways to keep things as "normal" as possible. If you were thinking of…

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Published: Thursday 30 April 2020

Top tips for your toddler yoga class

Leading your first toddler yoga classes will be fun and exciting but, no doubt, there will be an element of apprehension as well. Here are some top tips to help make those first…

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Published: Tuesday 28 April 2020

How much do baby massage instructors earn?

If you're embarking on a new career it's always useful to know what sort of money you'll be earning, especially if you've got overheads and other costs to consider. The Infant…

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Published: Friday 24 April 2020

Top 10 kitchen safety tips

In this post we focus on an area of the home that is potentially very hazardous to babies and small children: the kitchen. For example, did you know that 37% of burns and scalds…

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Published: Wednesday 01 April 2020

FREE CPR & choking first aid course for all

While we're all safe at home, why not spend time making your family even safer with our FREE CPR and choking course. You will learn potentially life savings skills online during…

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Published: Monday 20 April 2020

Get ready for summer: BBQ safety tips

Nothing signifies the arrival of British summer quite like the scent of charcoal-grilled food. And whilst most barbecues are nothing but a source of a delicious meal and the…

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Published: Friday 17 April 2020

Dangers of button batteries

Button (or lithium coin) batteries are a fairly modern hazard and can be very dangerous if swallowed. In fact, it is possible for them to cause death within hours. If swallowed,…

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Published: Thursday 02 April 2020

5 tips for relaxing babies and young children

Whether you work with children or you're a parent or carer, there's always times when little ones find themselves in a pickle. In these stressful times, try one or all of these…

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Published: Sunday 22 March 2020

HSE extends validity of specific first aid at work qualifications

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has announced that they will extend the validity of certain first aid certificates that…

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