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Published: Thursday 27 February 2020

Why baby massage is just as important for dads

Encouraging dads to participate in regular baby massage with their child, is a lovely way in which father and child can feel closer. Like any aspect of parenting, if dad is more…

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Published: Sunday 16 February 2020

The benefits of baby massage for infants with additional needs

Recently we’ve looked at the benefits of infant massage for both parents and babies. While the advantages for babies apply to all children, there are additional benefits for i…

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Published: Wednesday 12 February 2020

Our essential top 5 baby yoga reads

Whether you’re an experienced baby yoga teacher, or your coming to it for the first time, it’s always useful to read around the topic and familiarise yourself with the background, the…

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Published: Monday 10 February 2020

Before baby is born: buying and using car seats

There’s a wealth of options when you come to choosing a car seat for your newborn, so where do you start? Aside from liking a colour or picking a seat that will fit in your car, t…

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Published: Sunday 02 February 2020

Baby sleep tip #5: be consistent!

We hope you've been enjoying our baby sleep tips. Here's the next in the series and it's all about CONSISTENCY! Create a consistent bedtime ritual/ routine. Whether this is a…

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Published: Monday 03 February 2020

Catch our great Early Bird discount!

Did you know that if you book your face-to-face infant massage, baby yoga or toddler yoga instructor course at least two months before the course date, you'll save 10% on your…

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Published: Saturday 01 February 2020

Oxytocin: the 'love hormone'

To celebrate St Valentine’s Day we thought we’d take a look at oxytocin - often dubbed the ‘drug of love’ or ‘hormone of cuddles’ - and how it relates to both infant massage and baby yoga. …

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Published: Tuesday 28 January 2020

Baby's first months: hot drink scalds

Sadly more than 300 children are taken to hospital every week following a scald by a hot drink. The majority of these children (around 90%) are under the age of two. A baby’s s…

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Published: Thursday 30 January 2020

New series of webinars for 2020

With a new year, comes a new programme of support for To Baby and Beyond students, both past and present. So if you're either training to teach baby massage, baby yoga or toddler…

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Published: Wednesday 29 January 2020

Meningitis: what to look for and what to do

We hear a lot about meningitis in the news and the devastating effects it can have, and it pays to be aware of the signs and symptoms. Meningitis is an infection of the protective…

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Published: Wednesday 29 January 2020

Baby and toddler yoga breathing techniques: snake breath

Snake breath is a highly calming breathing technique, principally for use in teaching toddler yoga. It helps children to self-regulate. So how to go about it? Sit the children…

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Published: Thursday 23 January 2020

Dealing with choking in babies and children

Every parent's nightmare is for their child to choke. It’s estimated that approximately 90% of parents attend first aid courses because they are worried about choking. So how real i…

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