Our baby and child first aid courses are designed to teach parents and carers basic life saving and first aid techniques, such as CPR, dealing with choking and accident prevention, and are run by paediatric and registered nurses and experiences first aid instructors with specialist training and experience in child health.

We also offer a fully Online Baby and Child First Aid course.

As well as expert tuition you'll receive accident prevention information handouts, a certificate of attendance and follow up support if needed. Please note this is a certificate of attendance and does not qualify participants as first aiders; we do offer longer courses for this purpose.

Our teachers don’t tell ‘horror stories’ but draw upon everyday examples from their many years of paediatric healthcare experience whilst covering and managing the following subjects:

  • What to do in an emergency
  • What to look out for in an ill baby or child
  • High temperatures and when to be concerned
  • How to deal with choking in a baby, child or adult
  • The recovery position
  • Basic life support (CPR) on babies, children and adults
  • Accident prevention with young children
  • Possible fractures
  • Burns and scalds
  • Poisoning
  • Ingestion
  • Foreign objects in noses and ears
  • Head injuries
  • Febrile convulsions and fits
  • Recognising Meningitis
  • How to prevent all this happening in the first place
  • Essential information about safety in the home and garden

  • Our baby and child first aid courses in Brighton, Hove, Worthing, Wimbledon, Sussex, Surrey and London last approximately three hours however, longer courses are also available.

Our online course is currently priced just £25


Can't get to a venue? Can't find a course near you?

We can come to you.

For up to 4 people £150. This is a 2 hour course.
For up to 8 people £240 (£30pp). This is a 3 hour course
For up to 12 people £360 (£30pp). This is a 3 hour course
Travel costs / parking costs may apply dependant on location.

London, Kent and Surrey
For up to 8 people £240 (£30pp). This is a 3 hour course
For up to 12 people £360 (£30pp). This is a 3 hour course
Travel costs / parking costs may apply dependant on location.

We would love to speak to you. Please feel free to give me a call to discuss how we may be able to help. Please Contact Us.

I attended the Baby and Child First Aid course at the weekend, being taught by Marita. I found the course to be informative and interesting, with a lot of focus on the practical, which really helped me to take everything in. With a small group, it gave us all the chance to ask questions and have a go at the practical elements, and made it a more personal experience. I hope never to have to use what I learnt but, should I need to, I am confident I will be able to put my new skills into practice.
Emily M, November 2017

I have attended the baby First Aid courses taught by Marita. It was very informative, and nice small group with plenty of time to ask question and practice. I feel much more confident now if i ever have to use the skills either on my own child or others. It always good to know more and that the one minute during an incident could make a huge difference.
SauFun, November 2017

I attended the Baby First aid course last Saturday. I thought it was really convenient to have the course run at a friend's place as we could bring the baby eith us as well. The course lasted for 3 hours and covered the essentials, which I think is really necessary for first-time parents.
Olga Mikhaylova, April 2017

My partner & I took a baby first aid course with Sarah this Sunday in Wimbledon. I would very much recommend it to all parents - and it was great that we could bring our baby along so could both do the course.
Emma Ayech, Feb 2017