Train as a baby yoga instructor

Learn how to teach baby yoga with our baby yoga instructor course across the UK and in your home. Our 'open' baby yoga instructor training courses are held in Bristol, Brighton, Birmingham, Doncaster, Lincoln, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Peterborough, Sheffield Scotland and Wales.

1 day face to face course £385pp
Distance learning £355pp

Want to teach toddler/ pre-school yoga also? why not combine any of our face to face toddler yoga trainings with a baby yoga instructor course and save £75.

2 day combined baby yoga and toddler yoga instructor - £695pp


We are currently the ONLY UK training company to have both our Face to face and Distance Learning instructor training in Infant Massage and Baby Yoga accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

We have trained people over 1500 infant massage and baby yoga instructors who are out there teaching infant massage in many different settings such as private practice, children's and Flying Start centres, nurseries, paediatric wards, Portage services and additional needs schools, social services, cardiac units and special care baby units to name a few.

What is baby yoga?

Baby yoga is uses gentle stretches and movements for you to do with your baby. It incorporates over clothes massage, breathing techniques, stretching and movements for your baby, songs, rhymes and actions and sensory play. Many of the movements have been around for centuries and have their roots in traditional Indian culture and can often be seen in traditional infant massage text.

Being able to deliver these fun, interesting and sensory based is a great asset for participants from a range of backgrounds.

What’s the aim of this baby yoga instructor course?

To provide practitioners with the knowledge and teaching ability to safely and effectively deliver baby yoga sessions and courses in a variety of settings to various individuals and groups.

Is this adult yoga training to teach adults yoga?

No this a baby yoga course and teaches instructors to teach parents to do stretches with their babies. It is based on yoga principles but is not an adult yoga qualification. You will not be qualified to teach adult yoga moves or classes. Our instructors are all infant massage and baby yoga instructors with strong and expert backgrounds in health, education and early years and not adult yoga instructors.

Who can learn how to teach baby yoga?

Before you start our baby yoga instructor training you'll need to have qualifications or experience in one of the following:

  • Baby massage (instructors)
  • Anatomy and physiology (qualified practitioners, massage therapists, body workers)
  • Yoga (teachers)
  • Healthcare (nurses, health visitors and midwives)
  • Qualified early years and childcare practitioners
Why should I learn how to teach baby yoga?

Once you’ve qualified as a baby yoga instructor you can expand your childcare skill set, start your own business or use your new found techniques alongside other disciplines, such as baby massage.

What's the outline of the course?
  • Principles, history and benefits of baby yoga
  • Preparing your baby yoga sessions
  • Safety aspects of baby yoga
  • Anatomy and physiology and infant development
  • Health considerations for baby yoga classes
  • Baby yoga stretches and moves
  • Baby yoga to aid development
  • Breathing techniques
  • Using songs and rhymes
  • Using sensory play in sessions
  • Teaching groups and with individuals
  • Setting up and marketing your baby yoga business
  • Running baby yoga courses
What will I receive at the end of the course?

You'll get a certificate in teaching baby yoga. Please note this is a baby yoga course based on traditional baby yoga movements, songs and sensory play and does not qualify you as an adult yoga teacher.


Is the baby yoga teaching course accredited and recognised?

Our baby yoga instructor training face to face courses are highly approved by:

We are currently the ONLY UK training company to have both our Face to face and Distance Learning instructor training in Infant Massage and Baby Yoga accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

These baby yoga instructor courses are also validated and approved by the Independent Professional Therapists International - IPTI, the International Institute of Complementary Therapy - IICT, Care-Sure, Yoga-Link and we partner with Westminster Indemnity.

This means that you can join the CThA, IPTI or IICT Professional Register and gain insurance for your practice. Our distance learning course for baby yoga training is recognised by Westminster Indemnity.

What will I need?

Each participant must bring a doll (soft bodied), adult yoga mat, small blanket and cushion.

Do I need to be a yoga teacher to teach this course?

No you don't need to an adult yoga teacher as this is a baby yoga course. However you do need to meet one of the the pre-requisites above.

Can I train in toddler yoga as well?

Yes we also offer a toddler yoga-inspired instructor course. This can be taken separately or combined with any baby yoga course to for a further discount.

What else is included?
  • All tuition is with Julie Cleasby who is an experienced baby yoga and infant massage instructor, registered paediatric nurse, health visitor and founder of To Baby and Beyond or one of her experienced team.
  • 95 page baby yoga instructor handbook containing all course information
  • Electronic resource folder containing course handouts and assessment sheets
  • All practical assessments with parents and babies (volunteers permitting)
  • Assessment fees
  • Ongoing support throughout your post course self directed study
  • Access to monthly webinars with Founder Julie Cleasby on a range of topics including massage and baby yoga updates and also business set up
  • Access to instructors and fellow trainees via social media and online links
  • To Baby and Beyond's academy of infant massage and baby yoga newsletter
  • Opportunities for discounts on further courses
  • Access to study days
Which course is right for me?

The following 4 choices allow you to learn how to teach baby yoga within a location, time frame and environment that works for you.

Approved/recognised by::

The course was great - I feel really excited!!!

The marketing session was really helpful, but also the class planning session was very valuable too

Thank you so much I feel i have learnt so much more than expected

Very informative and relaxed

Great course - thanks Julie!

  • Open Course

    These 1 day baby yoga instructor training courses involve a small group at a choice of UK venues including Brighton, Bristol, Birmingham, Doncaster, Newcastle, Leeds and London or your own home or workplace.

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  • One-to-one

    This intensive 1-day baby yoga teacher training course is just for individual learners and takes place in your own home or at our venue in Hove.

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  • Home Distance Learning

    Our distance learning baby yoga instructor training involves Email, Skype and video presentations which allow you to learn how to teach baby yoga in your own home and in your own time.

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