Train in toddler and children's yoga

Learn how to teach toddler and children's with our yoga-inspired courses across the UK and in your home via distance learning.

We offer 2 types of courses:

Certificate in teaching toddler and children's yoga - Instructor course

This fully accredited course will enable you to qualify as an instructor and then be able to set up your classes in your local area, teach in nurseries, childcare settings and schools or offer one-to-one sessions with families.

Our toddler and children's instructor training courses run fully online via our distance learning platform.

Certificate in using toddler and pre-school yoga in nursery and childcare settings

This To Baby and Beyond certified course will enable you to be able to offer toddler and pre-school yoga sessions in your childcare setting. This course is offered as an in-house face-to-face course in your setting or online via our distance learning platform.


We have trained people over 4000 infant massage, baby and toddler and children's yoga instructors who are out there teaching in many different settings such as private practice, children's and Flying Start centres, nurseries, paediatric wards, Portage services and additional needs schools, social services, cardiac units and special care baby units, to name a few.

Teaching toddlers and children's sensory and yoga-inspired classes can be rewarding and a fantastic addition to other classes such as baby massage and baby yoga. Nurseries, other child care settings and schools also find toddler and children's yoga-inspired sessions a great asset to their setting as we keep the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) and the KS1 curriculum in mind throughout our programme.

Which course is right for me?

“I want to run sessions for parents and toddlers in my local community” You will need the Instructor course.

“ I want to run my own business as a toddler and children's yoga instructor”You will need the Instructor course.

“I want to be able to deliver session in the nursery I work in only” You can do either course but the course for childcare settings may be more suitable.

“I want to offer session in my nursery but I also want to teach parents and children in the community.”You will need the Instructor course.

“ We are a nursery group wanting to train all our staff to deliver session to the children in our care. “ – You can do either course but the course for childcare settings may be more suitable.

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Active and inclusive. Everyone was able to participate. Questions were answered in detail. Time to discuss topics. Friendly and relaxed atmosphere and excellent teaching.
Catherine Doncaster, June 2017

I attended the Toddler yoga instructor training course with Kimberly. The group work was enjoyable learning experience. Inspired confidence in developing skills to deliver a successful business opportunity. Highly recommended.
Wendy Walker Doncaster, March 2018

I have learnt so much in regards to toddler yoga and from attending the training with experience trainer and students.
Rachel Doncaster, June 2017

I feel that toddler yoga is a fantastic tool in order to enrich a story telling experience. It enables the children to get really involved in the story and encouraging the child to move and listen rather than just sitting and concentration lacking after a very short time. It also shows parents that exercise is not scary and something as simple as a story time with movements can have a huge impact on their own wellbeing as well as their child’s wellbeing. I think I will be using this in both my personal and professional life.
Beth Swansea, March 2017

I loved how much sensory development was included in the sessions and I can see I will really build on this aspect for my own classes
Dawn June, 2017

  • Toddler and pre-school yoga instructor training

    Learn how to teach toddler and pre-schoolers with our sensory and yoga-inspired toddler instructor course across the UK and in your home. We offer both toddler yoga instructor courses and also a Certificate in using toddler yoga in your child care setting.

    Our instructor training courses are held in Manchester, Bristol, Brighton and London, and in House across the UK.

    We offer a distance learning option too.

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  • Toddler and pre-school yoga for childcare settings

    Our 'Using Toddler and Pre-school Yoga Course in Nurseries acknd Childcare Settings' course aims to provide practitioners with the required skills to runs yoga inspired sessions with children in their care within a recognised childcare setting. It’s perfect for nursery workers, childminders, nannies, foster carers, residential carers and anyone else working with young children.

    This course is offered both face to face at venues across the UK or as an in house course across the UK and also via distance learning.

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