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This course can also be run ‘in house or at home’. Sessions can be run during the day, in the evening or at weekends.

For more information on this course or any of the other courses we offer at To Baby and Beyond, please contact us online or give us a call on 01273 702 496.

How our combined courses work in terms of booking. The infant massage and baby yoga instructor courses are 2 courses with a combined price.

The combined price is as follows:

2 day baby massage and 1 day baby yoga £770 (saving you £100)
1 day baby massage and 1 day baby yoga £695 (saving you £75)

We do have set 2 or 3 day courses in the same location however you can choose ANY of our infant massage to combine with ANY of our baby yoga training anywhere in the UK. We do also offer a combined distance learning option. When booking you will be asked to choose the infant massage course you wish to attend and once you have completed the booking for for this you will then have the option to book another course which will be your choice of the dates for the baby yoga.

***Our set dates are as follows:


2 day Friday 2nd February and Saturday 3rd February - Manchester - FULL

2 day Friday 16th February and Saturday 17th February - Bristol

2 day Friday 2nd March and Saturday 3rd March - Doncaster

2 day Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd March - Brighton

2 day Saturday 3rd March and Saturday 10th March - Glasgow

2 day Monday 12th March and Monday 19th March - London Victoria

2 day Friday 23rd March and Saturday 24th March - Manchester

2 day Saturday 21st April and Sunday 22nd April - Newcastle Team Valley

2 day Saturday 21st April and Saturday 28th April - Birmingham

2 day Friday 27th April and Saturday 28th April - Manchester

3 day Thursday 10th and Friday 11th May and Saturday 12th May - South London

2 day Friday 11th May and Saturday 12th May - Bristol

3 day Thursday 17th, Friday 18th May and Saturday 19th May - Doncaster

2 day Friday 15th June and Friday 29th June - London Victoria

3 day Thursday 28th, Friday 29th June and Saturday 30th June - Manchester

3 day Thursday 13th and Friday 14th September and Saturday 15th September - Manchester

2 day Friday 21st September and Saturday 22nd September - South London

2 day Friday 28th September and Saturday 29th September - Bristol

2 day Friday 2nd November and Saturday 3rd November - Manchester

2 day Friday 9th November and Saturday 10th November - Bristol

2 day Friday 16th November and Saturday 17th November***

To book the above or combine ANY infant massage and baby yoga instructor course. Please click on the link below choosing your massage option first and then adding on your choice of yoga course. Discount is applied at checkout.

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Combined - Diploma in teaching infant massage and certificate in teaching baby yoga
In House


This course can be run in your venue across the UK. The combined course option starts at £300pp dependent on location and numbers. Please feel free to get in touch to find out more.