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We sought Julie's help when our daughter was 10 months old and waking up to 7 times per night. I was returning to work in 2 months and knew I wouldn't be able to function properly on such fragmented sleep. Within a few days we were down to one feed per night, at 3am, and a couple of weeks later our daughter was sleeping through the night most nights. It has made a huge difference and we're no longer struggling through the days like zombies.

Parent of 10 month old little girl, Raynes Park, London

I contacted Julie when Meg was seven months old. Meg had become reliant on being nursed to sleep and for settling during the night. So it was often the case that I was waking up every hour. With a two-year-old son as well to look after I was spending my days in a complete zombie like state with little patience or energy for my son. I felt rotten.

I looked online at several sleep consultants websites but what drew me to Julie was her wealth of experience as a paediatric nurse and health visitor. I thought this meant she would look at the whole picture, not just sleep issues. I was right!

Julie's plan was clear and easy to follow, even with an older brother in tow. Her methods have been the most sensible and compassionate methods I'd come across in my attempts to sleep train 2 kids. We did little changes at a time so Meg got used to the changes without too much drama and I feel it gave us both the confidence that she could settle herself in the long term. This wasn't just a short term fix.

Julie was always available for support and encouragement, which was vital in my mind, especially when Meg was unwell 10 days after starting and regressed. With Julie's help it didn't take long to get back on track.

After 3 weeks Meg is self settling and I'll shortly be dropping her last night feed. I now feel confident in identifying Meg's needs, Meg is now doing really well with her solids as a result of not snacking on me all night and I have so much more energy and patience for Meg's energetic big brother! Everyone's a winner! I really can't recommend Julie highly enough, she's been my fairy godmother of sleep!

Parent of 7 month old little girl, Hove, East Sussex

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We sought help from Julie when our daughter was about 7 months old following about 3 months of dreadful nights of interrupted sleep and hours of hopeless rocking and feeding. We were on our knees but were not comfortable with leaving her to ‘cry it out’. Julie listened to our story and put together a straight forward plan to move her to her own room, teach her how to self settle and wean her off nighttime feeding.

We were sceptical about whether it could really make a difference and not massively enthusiastic about the initial ‘pain’ required in carrying out the plan to achieve a longer term ‘gain’. But we followed it anyway and our daughter responded immediately.

Within a day or two she was sleeping for longer stretches at night and after a couple of weeks we started reducing the feeding eventually getting to one feed before we went to bed, which I then dropped. Julie supported us immensely throughout the training process, responding to all our neurotic emails and giving us some general advice once our package ended to keep sleep on track in the future.

Our daughter was ill half way through the training so she paused the support until she was better. I’ve already recommended her to several people as the support was life changing for us.

Parent of 8 month old little girl, London,

Jacob was 11 months old when we realised we needed help. Our son was waking at least four or five times a night and couldn't get back to sleep without being cuddled and often milk as well. Sometimes he would be awake for 2 hours wanting to chat and play. Myself and my husband were beyond exhausted and desperate for a full nights sleep. Deciding to get Julie to help us was the best decision we ever made. Don't get me wrong it's not always easy but if you stick with it and always be consistent it will work. Jacob slept through the the night on night 3 and we were truly amazed and eternally grateful.

Julie is such a lovely lady and really understands what you're going through. And the best thing is she gives you the confidence to change and realise you will sleep again!

Parent of 11 month old little boy, Portslade, East Sussex

We offer a FREE 15 minute phone consultation to discuss how we may be able to help your family get more sleep. Book your FREE 15 minute chat HERE.

I got in touch with Julie when my son Gillespie was 7 months old. He was waking up 8/10 or more times a night, usually every 15 minutes or so for the first 3 hrs (which was making putting my 5 year old to be almost impossible), then every hr or so until 4am when he would be awake for a couple of hours. We had hundreds of different theories about why he was waking and had tried various things to get him to sleep better but we were horribly inconsistent and usually gave up if something didn’t work immediately. He was then tired and grumpy all day (as was I) and his nap were sporadic and of varying lengths which meant he was always overtired by bedtime. I was not enjoying him the way I should have been and was utterly miserable.

I would spend hours on the internet looking for a solution and was upset by the number of people suggesting that controlled crying was the only way forward, a method of sleep training that I cannot agree with. I had almost resigned myself to the fact that Gillespie was just a terrible sleeper but came across Julie’s website and decided to try just one last thing and got in touch.

I have to admit that I was horribly sceptical, and even reading though all the positive testimonials, it just seemed too good to be true. I honestly didn’t believe that I would ever had a baby that I could kiss goodnight and leave to fall asleep on his own but I was prepared to give Julie’s plan 100% and see what happened.

Julie’s plan was kind and compassionate. She chose a plan that she (and I) believed we could stick to as what worked for my family was just as important as what worked for Gillespie. She didn’t offer any quick fixes, which was also reassuring because everything felt a little more realistic. We made subtle changes every 3 or 4 days and within nights we were seeing a difference. After 2 weeks Gillespie was only waking 2 or 3 times a night but would go straight back to sleep (sometimes without me or my husband even going into his room), then just before week 3 I cut out the middle of the night feed. A couple of days later he slept through the night and has pretty much continued to do so ever since. He also has 2 good naps every day, usually falling asleep in his own bed, on his own, for both of them…..I know……I can barely believe it either….

I am still in a state of disbelief. In fact, as I re-read my testimonial it all sounds far too good to be true and I can’t quite believe I am actually talking about my own baby. Our entire family is happier, life is easier….and….. I am finally getting some sleep.

Parent of 7 month old little boy, Brighton

Julie was recommended to us from a friend who said she had worked wonders for their little ones sleep. We were very skeptical as our baby's sleeping had got so bad, although always not great, he was now screaming whenever he so much as saw his cot let alone when we put him in it, would only sleep when nursed or in a pram, was sleeping 1 to 2 hours at a time in our bed waking wanting to be nursed over and over. I thought we had too many issues to even dream of one day baby sleeping through.

Julie was amazing. She listened to every minute detail of the problem came up with a bespoke plan that worked for us. After 3 days it got better and after a week and 1/2 my little one was sleeping 7 to 7. In fact I've just put him to sleep in his own cot for a nap in the day.

I can't recommend Julie enough. She was so helpful and responsive getting back to me so quickly whenever I had concerns. She has changed our lives as parents. I'm no longer completely exhausted and most importantly my baby is so much more content as he is finally getting the sleep he needs. When Julie said she guaranteed if we did what she told us she'd get him to sleep through I honestly didn't believe her...I was so wrong! I'm sure she can help any child to sleep through. Thank you Julie you've helped us so much!

Mum of 10 month old little boy, Berkshire

We contacted Julie after weeks of sleepless nights with our 6 month old daughter. Our daughter was reliant on nursing to sleep, was waking up numerous times a night, was taking hours to resettle if she wasn’t nursed, and sometimes only staying asleep for 10 minutes once we had finally settled her. On most nights, she was waking 5-10 times. This was causing us all a lot of distress, and we were resorting to all sorts of tactics to try to help her settle (sleeping on the floor next to her cot to react quickly, special musical night lights, singing, rocking, bouncing up and down), but with limited progress. We needed help!

We were very keen not to use controlled crying, but were struggling to implement a solution from the books we were reading. Julie listened to our story and desire to use a more gentle solution, gave us a routine to follow and supported us over the following weeks by Facetime, phone calls and emails whenever we needed her.

We won’t say it was easy, but 5 weeks later, our daughter was settling herself to sleep at bedtime and sleeping through the night without a single feed! We can’t thank Julie enough for supporting us, for really listening to our needs and for helping us to transform our daughter’s sleeping patterns for the better. She gave us a very clear programme and was always on hand to coach us with corrections/questions and to give us pep talks when we needed them. The whole family is so much happier and healthier now that we are all getting some much needed sleep!

Parents of 7 month old little girl

My husband and I had reached breaking point due to being so sleep deprived. I felt like I was muddling through each day in some sleepy haze and by the time bedtime came I couldn't even think straight as to how to tackle the forth coming night.We decided to contact a sleep specialist and came across Julie. WOW!

From the moment I made contact with Julie,I felt a sense of relief and felt empowered to make changes with my sons sleep. Whilst talking to her briefly on the phone I felt like she fully understood my issues and listened to everything I told her. Later when we skyped again I felt at eased and not judged by any bad patterns we had created. Julie listens to how YOU would like to make the changes and works with whatever technique you / and your family prefer. She really knows her stuff and this came across during the Skype session.

I felt able to introduce the changes and again WOW even on night one I could see positive changes. I managed to drop constant night feeding within nights and felt like we had regained some normality and sleep! Within a week our family life felt so much better, we were getting much more quality sleep and my sons daytime napping went from the odd half hour to 2 hours straight (morning and then a shorter nap in the afternoon!)

Julie was great with emailing and ensuring we were happy and offering follow up support. Don’t even sit and think about contacting her if you have sleep issues... Just do it! You won’t look back. It will be the best money you've ever spent!

Hayley- parent of 7 month old little boy

We contacted Julie and her team to help us with our 20 month old baby. For months I had fed our baby to sleep, which was lovely, but she needed to learn how to self-settle. We had also got to the point whereby she was sleeping in our bed each night, which meant we had no time to ourselves as someone had to always be with her! Julie gave us step-by-step guidance on how to tackle the issue, and with a bit of patience and self-discipline, our little girl was self-settling in her own cot (and in her own room!) within just a few days.

I was apprehensive about going through this process but Julie was there to support us all the way, which was very reassuring and encouraging.

I would thoroughly recommend Julie and To Baby and Beyond.

Mum of 20 month old little girl, Worthing, West Sussex

Julie first helped us when we were having issues with our first daughter sleeping. We were at our wits end after 10 months without sleep! Julie put a sleeping plan together that enabled us to get our daughter to sleep through the night. Julie was great throughout and was always on hand to provide support when we needed. When we had issues with our second daughter sleeping we didn’t hesitate to contact Julie again.

Mum of two girls, aged 10 months and two years, West Sussex

The sleep is SO much better!!! He sleeps till 6-6.30 every morning, no more 4am wake ups so we are sure that is him changing his pattern … so thank you so much for the advice and support, it has been life changing!!

Mum of 17 month old little boy, Brighton

We offer a FREE 15 minute phone consultation to discuss how we may be able to help your family get more sleep. Book your FREE 15 minute chat HERE.

When I contacted Julie I was desperate - my 9 month old son was hardly sleeping in the day and waking at least twice each night. In the day he was overtired and there was a lot of stress around sleeping. And at night I was just finding it very difficult.

I wasn't sure how Julie could help and crying it out wasn't an option I felt emotionally strong enough to try. Julie gave me advise on setting a new routine and put together a simple sleep solution that I started the same day. After the 4th night my son slept through and 4 weeks later it continues. There were a few tears / protests (him not me) but I felt I could cope and could ask Julie for the support I needed. I'm amazed at how quickly the sleep turned around. My son looks forward to his naps and sleeps soundly day and night. I'd highly recommend Julie so that you can also have a calm and happy baby (and parent)

Mum of 9 month old boy, Horsham

So it's gone amazingly well for night 1 and feels like we might be in your suggested routine in a couple of days and also have broken the feeding to sleep!! Thank you so much for your help, I'm feeling so much more confident!

Mum of 6 month old little boy, Brighton

I really feel like we're getting somewhere! She seems to love sleeping in her room, she gets so excited putting on her pj's before bed and then climbing in.

The first night was definitely the worst. But the last two nights she settled after 15 minutes! Her waking at night is going down, and it's taking her less and less time to settle each time.

Mum of 16 month old little girl, Channel Islands

Things have progressed really well and the majority of times I can pop him straight down to self settle and leave the room straight away with no back rub or other intervention!

Night times have improved beyond recognition, and most nights he is down by 7, has one quick wake up between 11 and 1, and then goes through to 5.30-6.30! It feels fantastic to be getting so much more sleep and a lot quicker than I expected!!!

Thank you so much for all your help

Mum of 7 month old little boy, Brighton

We offer a FREE 15 minute phone consultation to discuss how we may be able to help your family get more sleep. Book your FREE 15 minute chat HERE.