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At To Baby and Beyond we now offer 2 hour Sleep Workshops. These are great for groups of parents and carers to really gain a good understanding of baby and child sleep. Tour baby sleep workshops can also be a great service t be able to offer parents attending your nursery, childcare setting or workplace.

We offer 2 baby sleep workshop options

NOD Nap (0-6 months)
Our Nod Nap workshops is great get some expert tips and advice on getting sleep right for the start. This baby sleep workshop is perfect for expectant, new parents and carers with very young babies (under 6 months) who want to learn the basics of getting baby to sleep and establishing a bedtime routine.

We often cover topics such as:

  • baby sleep patterns in the first few months
  • establishing healthy sleep patterns and habits
  • why sleep is important for everyone
  • current baby safe sleeping guidelines
  • tips and tools for sleep as your baby grows and develops
  • stopping issues before they start
  • taking care of yourself and your family

NOD - Snooze (6 - around 18 months)
Our NOD snooze workshop is perfect to get expert tips and advice in getting your baby or toddler into positive sleep patterns. This workshop is great for parents, carers and nursery / childcare settings and workplaces .

We explore topics:

  • baby and toddler sleep patterns in the 6-18 months
  • creating healthy sleep patterns day and night
  • your baby or child's sleep environment
  • bedtime routines
  • night feeding and night weaning
  • our NOD Dream gentle sleep method
  • enabling a good nights sleep

Both of these workshops can be run form your home, childcare setting or workplace across Sussex, the South East and Hampshire.

We also have a wide range of one to one baby and child sleep programmes and consultations which are designed to support, enlighten and enable parents to get their children tucked up in bed and into the land of nod so mum and dad can sit back and enjoy a healthy dose of 'me time' after hours.

All baby and child sleep workshops and sessions will be undertaken by Julie Cleasby who is a mother of twins and has been working with parents for over 25 years as a registered health visitor and paediatric nurse.

Why not get in touch to discuss your requirements. Tel: 01723 7024906 or send us an email Email us

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