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At To Baby and Beyond we now offer baby and toddler sleep workshops. These are great for groups of parents and carers to really gain a good understanding of baby and child sleep. Our baby sleep workshops can also be a great service to be able to offer parents attending your nursery, childcare setting or workplace.

We offer 2 baby sleep workshop options:

Baby sleep (6 - 12 month)
This baby sleep workshop is great for learning expert tips and advice on setting positive sleep patterns from weaning age.

This workshop is perfect for new parents and carers with young babies (under 12 months) who want to learn the basics of getting baby to sleep, establishing a good bedtime routine and dealing with issues such as night weaning, moving to own room and enabling your baby to sleep for longer periods over night.

We cover topics such as:

  • what to expect with your baby’s sleep patterns
  • moving into their own sleep space
  • creating good bedtime routine
  • daytime nap schedules and how to set them
  • adding in weaning and the impact on night feeds (please note this is not a weaning workshop)
  • reducing night feeds
  • teaching your baby to self-settle
  • dealing with basic sleep issues and sleep settling techniques including our our NOD Dream gentle sleep method
  • taking care of yourself

Jacob was 11 months old when we realised we needed help. Our son was waking at least four or five times a night and couldn't get back to sleep without being cuddled and often milk as well. Sometimes he would be awake for 2 hours wanting to chat and play. Myself and my husband were beyond exhausted and desperate for a full nights sleep. Deciding to get Julie to help us was the best decision we ever made. Don't get me wrong it's not always easy but if you stick with it and always be consistent it will work. Jacob slept through the the night on night 3 and we were truly amazed and eternally grateful.

Julie is such a lovely lady and really understands what you're going through. And the best thing is she gives you the confidence to change and realise you will sleep again!

Parent of 11 month old little boy, Portslade, East Sussex

Baby and toddler sleep (12 months - 2 years)
Our NOD snooze workshop is perfect to get expert tips and advice in getting your baby or toddler into positive sleep patterns. This workshop is great for parents, carers and nursery / childcare settings and workplaces .

We explore topics:

  • what to expect from your baby and toddler sleep patterns
  • creating healthy sleep patterns day and night
  • your baby or child's sleep environment
  • creating and maintaining a good bedtime routine
  • cutting out night feeds
  • dealing with basic sleep issues and sleep settling techniques including our NOD Dream gentle sleep method
  • enabling a good nights sleep
  • taking care of yourself

We contacted Julie and her team to help us with our 20 month old baby. For months I had fed our baby to sleep, which was lovely, but she needed to learn how to self-settle. We had also got to the point whereby she was sleeping in our bed each night, which meant we had no time to ourselves as someone had to always be with her! Julie gave us step-by-step guidance on how to tackle the issue, and with a bit of patience and self-discipline, our little girl was self-settling in her own cot (and in her own room!) within just a few days.

We now have dates coming up in Angmering near Worthing and Littlehampton, West Sussex.
Both of these workshops can be run from your home, childcare setting or workplace across Sussex, the South East and Hampshire. Prices are from £25pp dependent on numbers.

We also have a wide range of one to one baby and child sleep programmes and consultations which are designed to support, enlighten and enable parents to get their children tucked up in bed and into the land of nod so mum and dad can sit back and enjoy a healthy dose of 'me time' after hours.

All baby and child sleep workshops and sessions will be facilitated by Julie Cleasby who is a mother of twins and has been working with parents for over 25 years as a registered health visitor and paediatric nurse.

Why not get in touch to discuss your requirements. Tel: 01723 7024906 or send us an email Email us

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