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This baby sleep session is perfect for expectant and new parents with very young babies (under 16 weeks old) who want to learn the basics of getting baby to sleep and establishing a bedtime routine. (60-90 minute session).

We often cover topics such as:

  • baby sleep patterns in the first few months
  • establishing health sleep patterns and habits
  • why sleep is important for everyone
  • current baby safe sleeping guidelines
  • tips and tools for sleep as your baby grows and develops
  • stopping issues before they start
  • taking care of yourself and your family

A sleep diary can be reviewed prior to the session for specific sleep issues.

A details plan of action is provided following the consultation.

If you’d like to know more about any of our sleep support courses please contact us online or give us a call on 01273 702 496.

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Julie first helped us when we were having issues with our first daughter sleeping. We were at our wits end after 10 months without sleep! Julie put a sleeping plan together that enabled us to get our Daughter to sleep through the night. Julie was great throughout & was always on hand to provide support when we needed. When we had issues with our second Daughter sleeping we didn't hesitate to contact Julie again.

Mum of two
10 months and two years, West Sussex