Published: Friday 13 May 2022

Learning to teach infant massage opens up a whole new world of opportunities for you both personally and professionally.

You’ll be bringing the fantastic benefits of baby massage to countless families when you start to teach parents and carers. Helping new parents bond with their children or giving them the skills to ease an ailment is an extremely rewarding job. You’ll share your specialist skills with them, and delight in watching the enjoyment it brings to parents and carers, as well as their babies.

Professionally, you can add a new skill to your childcare repertoire or start a new career direction altogether. Whether you introduce baby massage to your current role or start teaching your own classes, you’ll add a new lease of life to your work life.

Adding baby massage to your childcare professional CV can result in being more valued by current or future employers. Starting your own sessions means you have complete flexibility and control over when and how you work. Work-life balance is in your hands!

But why take our word for it when you can hear from those who have done it themselves?

Take a look at what some of our past students say about being a baby massage instructor:

“Giving new mums added confidence and a new friendship circle” - Kim

“Starting mum and baby off on a journey of relaxation and supporting mother’s well-being” - Janine

“I get to work with babies, help babies with their problems, help mums to help babies and give mums and dads special 1 - 2 - 1 time” - Amanda

“It gives me the opportunity to work around my own childcare needs” - Kate

“Being able to work around my family and supporting families on their own unique journey” - Laura

“Being around babies without need to take them home with me…” - Jelena

“Having the flexibility to work my own hours, with the added bonus of spending time with lovely babies” - Katie

“Being blessed to follow and support new parents on their journeys” - Laura

“Being able to support new parents in their parenting journey, teaching massage itself and building my own business around my family” - Jessica

“Bringing communities together” - Nicola

“Giving new tired, stressed mums something that makes a difference to their baby” - Suzie

“Being able to give evidence-based advice to mummies who are being told millions of different things that are not always in the best interest of their babies” - Cherie

“Making a difference to a tired, stressed mummy by introducing her to other tired stressed mummies!” - Billie

“Helping connect and bonding with your baby. Can be very hard for busy working mummies” - Leanne

“Being able to meet new people and connect with the community, giving the chance for new mummies to have that vital contact to adult conversations so they don’t feel cut off from the world” – Charlotte

“Connecting mother and baby as one” - Michelle

“Happy and relaxed babies make happy and relaxed mummies” – Zoe

We hope there’s enough here to convince you about the amazing opportunities and benefits a career teaching baby massage can give you! If you’ve any questions about teaching baby massage - perhaps you’d even like to talk to someone already teaching? - do give us a call on 01273 702 496 or drop us an email. We’d love to hear from you. You can find more information about our infant massage instructor courses here.

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