Published: Tuesday 15 November 2022

Students often ask ‘What do I need to train as a baby instructor?’ We do have a few requirements to join our infant massage instructor course although there is flexibility as this list isn't exhaustive. Ideally you need to have experience of one of the following:

  • Childcare practitioner such as a nursery nurse, nanny or childminder
  • Sure Start / children’s centre worker, experience of young children
  • Massage therapy or Bodywork
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Health care worker (nurses, health visitors and midwives)
  • Parent who has attended a baby massage class with their own baby.

But to be a really effective baby massage instructor Julie, our founder and baby massage expert, also thinks the following are really important:

  • A desire to work with parents and babies teaching them baby massage
  • Enthusiasm for teaching parents valuable skills such as calming their babies
  • Motivation to share some amazing skills which will help the relationship between parents and babies for many years
  • A empathy with new parents in those first few months of their babies life
  • Ability to create a nurturing environment for parent and babies
  • A strong belief in the vast benefits of infant massage.

To train as a baby massage instructor it is not important that you are a parent, nor do you have to have massaged a baby before or attended a baby massage class. All babies are very different and respond to baby massage with their parents very differently – all in a very amazing and unique way.

Learn to teach something amazing today! Our baby massage instructor course is available to start any time if you choose our online distance learning option. We also run Zoom based courses as well as twice yearly face to face courses in Manchester and London. Find out more about our 'live' courses here.

Julie Cleasby - Founder, To Baby and Beyond

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