Published: Saturday 27 April 2019

We've previously looked at the reasons why massage is beneficial to babies and, of course, the benefits to the child are the main reason for learning or teaching baby massage. However, there are also numerous benefits for the parent or carer undertaking the massage. Here we look at the some of the key benefits. Do you have others to add to our list? Add your thoughts to our Facebook page.

  • Promoting attachment and bonding with your baby.
  • It also gives an opportunity for meeting other parents in your local area.
  • Infant massage helps parents become aware of their developing baby.
  • Massage is an excellent way of connecting with your baby.
  • It gives parents practical tools for soothe common ailments.
  • Baby massage can alleviate the effects of postnatal depression.
  • It helps parents to have a more positive interaction with their baby.
  • Infant massage enhances parents’ confidence and competence in dealing with baby.
  • It helps parents communicate with their baby.
  • Massage helps parents understand their baby’s cues.
  • Baby massage teaches positive loving touch.
  • It helps parents become aware of their baby’s body.
  • Massaging baby promotes lactation in breastfeeding mums (through stimulation of hormones).
  • Baby massage offers a skin-to-skin activity for non-breastfeeding mums.
  • Infant massage promotes relaxation and improves quality of sleep.
  • Baby massage promotes nurturing instinct (through stimulation of hormone oxytocin).

Whether you’re a parent looking to get a group of friends together to learn baby massage or you're a childcare professional wanting to learn baby massage or you'd like to train as a baby massage teacher, To Baby and Beyond has a course for you.

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