Published: Wednesday 03 August 2022

Leading your first toddler yoga classes will be fun and exciting but, no doubt, there will be an element of apprehension as well. Here are some top tips to help make those first sessions go perfectly!

  • Choose a room that is warm and draft-free where you can sit on the floor with the toddler.

  • Have a clear room - toddlers are just that - on the move, toddling around and ‘into everything!’

  • Put on some music. It doesn’t matter what music you choose as long as you and your toddler find it relaxing. The toddler will learn to associate the music with yoga time.

  • Take a few deep breaths to relax before you begin.

  • Stretch and shake the tension from your body.

  • Make sure your hands are clean and warm and remove jewellery which may catch.

  • Start with a calming breathing exercise to settle both you and your toddler.

  • Begin movement with gentle stretching and wriggling exercises.

  • Practice yoga with the toddler for about 15 – 20 minutes. Think of the yoga as a gentle, warm, movement communication. Go slowly at the beginning so your toddler can get used to the new postures gradually. Build up the yoga time gradually.

  • Follow familiar routines – children enjoy patterns and predicting what happens next.

  • Include Dads and siblings - yoga is fun for everyone!

  • Stop if the toddler cries or refuses. You cannot force a toddler! Try again when the toddler is more receptive.

Follow these tips and ease yourself into teaching your own toddler yoga classes. Interested in learning to teach toddler yoga? Check out our brilliant distance learning course meaning you can learn at a time and pace to suit you and your other commitments.

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