Published: Saturday 29 October 2022

In other blogs we’ve looked at the benefits of infant massage for both parents and babies. While the advantages for babies apply to all children, there are additional benefits for infants with additional needs:

  • Baby massage can help hands to grasp.
  • It can also help to relax tight muscles,
  • Infant massage helps stimulate muscle tone for hypotonic babies.
  • Massage can increase an infant’s ability to maintain a functional alert state.
  • It helps babies learn to accept and tolerate positive touch and this is especially the case for babies who have been hospitalized.
  • Baby massage can increase an infant’s ability to gain weight.
  • It helps baby sleep longer and deeper.
  • It can help decrease gas, constipation and gastro-intestinal tract distress.
  • Massage helps regulate tactile hyper- or hypo-sensitivity.
  • Infant massage improves eye contact and socialization.
  • It improves circulation and decreases mottling.
  • Baby massage can decrease fisting and shoulder reaction.
  • Massage increases the incidence of hands to midline.
  • And, very importantly, it induces a feeling of general relaxation.

If you’d like to share the joy of infant massage with babies and their parents or carers, why not join us on our certified infant massage courses. We have a range of options available, including face-to-face courses, distance learning and the opportunity to take a one-to-one course.

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