Published: Wednesday 08 February 2017

We're running our first baby massage and baby yoga instructor courses in Cornwall this year, and here we meet someone who's already teaching baby massage and baby yoga in Cornwall. Tamsin trained with us a few years ago and is loving her new career!

Name: Tamsin Chapman
Lives: Cornwall
What do you teach? Baby Massage and Baby Yoga
How long have you been an instructor? Started in 2012
What made you want to become an instructor? When my daughter had colic nothing worked until someone recommended Baby Massage. At the time teachers were rare but we managed to find someone and within a few days of doing it she was much better. I trained so I could help other mums.
Have you always been an instructor? I actually spent most of my life in Marketing and PR so this was a complete change of career
What’s your favourite part of your job? Meeting all the mums and babies
How do you keep your skills up to date? Do you have any favourite websites that you use? I teach every week so I'm always on top of it.
What qualities do you think are important in a baby yoga or massage instructor? Understanding, having a baby is challenging and it is always reassuring to parents that you know how they feel when they are tired or have a cranking baby etc
What benefits do you derive from yoga and massage? There so many benefits but mainly the difference it can make to a colicky baby
Have you learnt anything surprising about baby massage or yoga? How much difference it can make
What’s your top tip for massage/yoga? If your baby cries during the first session don't let it put you off, babies cry and it'll no doubt be someone else next week. Every person in the room with you is a mum and will know how you feel.
Who would you most like to teach on one of your courses? Holly Willoughby

You can find Tamsin online in the following places, or take a look at her recently published book, 'The 'Almost' Natural Parent: From a mum to other mums, its ok to not be perfect'

Facebook: Cornwall Baby Massage
Twitter: @cornwallbm
LinkedIn: Tamsin Chapman

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