Published: Friday 03 May 2019

Sarah is one of our To Baby and Beyond first aid instructors and she also teaches for our sister company, First Aid for Dogs.

Name: Sarah Walker-Smith

Lives: Ruislip in West London

What do you teach? Baby & Child First Aid, First Aid for Dogs

How long have you been an instructor? I have been teaching in London for thirteen years.

What made you want to become an instructor? I have been learning first aid since I was a child and then I started showing other people which led to me completing my training qualification. It’s such a fabulous subject to teach as it’s practical, easy to learn, can be quite fun and is really important.

Have you always been an instructor? I worked in HR before I had my son.

What’s your favourite part of your job? To see that moment when people become confident in their technique is just great as they can practice independently.

How do you keep your skills up to date? I volunteer with St John Ambulance and get to regularly practice my first aid skills – we cover events such as the London Marathon. We also meet every week to practise and learn.

Do you have any favourite websites that you use? I love the Red Cross app – Baby & Child First Aid – and the three adverts in their rapped up campaign with the dancing toddlers. St John Ambulance Nursery Rhymes baby CPR song is catchy & their Chokeables campaign uses animated toys & sweets to show you how to save a choking baby.

What qualities do you think are important in a first aid instructor? Confident, clear, knowledgeable and fun.

What benefits do you derive from first aid? It has given me a lot of confidence as I used to be very shy.

What’s your top tip for first aid? You can be prepared for most situations with a face-shield, bottle of water & dressing!

Who would you most like to teach on one of your courses? Any producers or directors as it would be great to see more accurate first aid on TV and not just in medical dramas. It would be good to have more reference points as well as the choking scene in Mrs Doubtfire – which is remembered by a lot of people.

Sarah is just one of our excellent first aid course instructors. If you're looking to get your baby and child first aid skills up to scratch - whether you're a parent or childcare professional- join us for a comprehensive and enjoyable course.

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