Published: Thursday 25 May 2017

We’ve looked at preventing falls in a previous article, and here we focus on falls from windows. The risk of babies or children falling from windows is heightened in the warmer weather as windows are left open to cool homes down. Here are some tips for reducing the risk of falling from a window:

  • Keep all windows locked and closed when not being used.

  • Move furniture, including cots or beds, or any other climbable object away from windows.

  • If your windows can open from the top rather than the bottom do so, as this can prevent accidental falls. As children get older and bigger, bear in mind that they may be able to reach the top just as easily.

  • Install window guards or barriers if possible but make sure that older children and adults can easily open them in case of fire.

  • Install window locks or sash stops to prevent the windows from opening any more than four inches.

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