Published: Monday 09 May 2022

Maria Green was an early student of our Calmer Stories Instructor course launched in 2021, which is available as an online distance learning option. Although many of those who have chosen to take our Calmer Stories Instructor course have a background in teaching baby massage or baby yoga, there are lots of other students who have varied backgrounds, and Maria is one of them.

Based in Norfolk, Maria has been working in Early Years for over 20 years. She has an early years degree and currently works as a baby room manager. She is also a qualified Hypnotherapist [you can find her online] and is very interested in mental wellbeing.

At the time of doing the course, Maria said: “I'm very excited to be undertaking the Calmer Stories Instructor course and looking forward to providing classes for the little ones. My background is in early years management but running classes is new to me; I’m hoping to start my own business. I'm just doing the story plans and videos, so hope to finish soon. I have a venue set up for September to run preschool aged groups although I am also planning to start classes for school-age children too.”

“I'm thinking that I’ll plan sessions around themes such as the beach, space, animals or using books. I love planning themes for the nursery children, and I think my classes will be around 30/40 minutes for the preschool age.”

“I’d like to include a sensory activity in each session but I need to bear in mind that they can’t be too messy as I’m using a village hall! Plus I’d like to keep a calm environment of course”

“I am so excited about it all, and I'm really enjoying the course too.”

We're so glad the course has inspired Maria and love that she's starting her own business with the Calmer Stories Instructor course.

UPDATE: Since we originally published this blog Maria qualified in Calmer Stories, and started her own classes. She also started her training to become a baby massage instructor!

We have more information on the Calmer Stories Instructor course on the website. It's a fabulous combination of yoga, mantra, mindfulness and more. Start learning today!

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