Published: Friday 01 October 2021

Halloween is coming up soon, and we're all looking forward to a little bit of trick or treating! However you end up celebrating Halloween let's bear in mind a few tips to keep everyone safe and happy.

*With many Halloween costumes being dark in colour (admittedly not ghosts or skeletons!), and trick or treating taking place in the darker hours, it’s much harder for children to be seen. Think about adding reflective tape to an outfit or a headtorch. Equally, glow-in-the-dark accessories are fun and provide some added visibility.

*Bear in mind that many Halloween outfits are made from flammable materials. Think carefully whether your children are likely to be near candles, nightlights or sparklers.

*Watch for trip hazards: whether it’s an oversize outfit (who doesn’t love a hand-me-down!?), a broom or a big mask, all of these can cause stumbles, especially when attempting to navigate dark pavements.

*Be sweetie aware! If you’ve younger children around, make sure that any sweets they’re given aren’t a choke hazard. Similarly, all children should be encouraged to wait until they’re home before tucking in to their haul, as a full mouth and running can be dangerous.

*Think about your route before you go so that you don’t end up crossing roads in tricky places or tramping down dark, unlit paths.

*Don’t forget to wrap up warm! In all the excitement of having the best outfit, practicalities can be overlooked but no-one wants to be the one shivering at the back instead of enjoying the fun.

*If you’re in charge of a group of children including some that aren’t your own, make sure you’re aware of any allergies in case sweets contain nuts, fruits, dairy or some other trigger.

Happy trick or treating!

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