Published: Thursday 13 May 2021

Each month we hold an informal Zoom Q&A session for To Baby and Beyond students, past and present. It's a chance to ask questions about courses or classes, and generally have a catch up. Here's some of the topics we covered in May...

Can I revisit modules of the To Baby and Beyond online baby massage instructor course after I’ve completed them?

Yes, by all means. You can’t resubmit them (your original pass stands) but you can most certainly go back, read through and consolidate your learning. It’s always useful to refresh your memory about what you learnt earlier in the course. Don’t forget that you can always ask questions in the To Baby and Beyond Academy on Facebook or join our free monthly Zoom Q&A sessions. Both are exclusive to students and instructors who have trained with us.

How do people find venues and participants for their case studies when studying baby massage?

There are a number of ways including using local Facebook groups or asking a local business, such as a hairdressers or nursery, if they can pass information on to parents of young babies. Finding one parent who then has a group of friends is often a good way of finding a small group.

Using local Facebook groups also has the advantage of getting your name or company name out there as someone who teaches baby massage (or baby yoga or toddler yoga), helping to build you brand for when you officially launch your business!

When looking at venues, it is now more important to bear in mind the space required for effective and comfortable distancing. If you are hiring a venue you will likely have to incur a cost (Julie’s local village hall is £9/hour, as an example). We suggest you do not charge for your case study lessons for two main reasons: one is that there is then less pressure to be the fully finished article and, secondly, it’s likely that your insurance will not cover you as a student teacher. If you do wish to recoup the cost of hiring the hall, we suggest you ask for a “contribution” towards the hire.

We've previously published a blog about what to look for when choosing a venue.

Do I need to stop my Zoom sessions now that face-to-face / in-person baby massage classes are ok to run again?

No, not if you’re happy or wish to run baby massage classes online. One positive outcome of the last year is our practical use of tools such as Zoom or Google Meet. For some people, returning to ‘real life’ baby classes may currently be impossible or something they’re just not ready for. Maintaining online classes via Zoom or another similar tool will continue to suit many people for some time to come, so don’t feel you need to take the leap into solely face-to-face classes unless it’s what you want.

Do people recommend using Google Forms for collecting information etc?

Julie regularly uses forms for collecting information from students, etc, and likes Google Forms and also JotForm, which has a free plan available. She likes JotForm as you can include a signature, and it also seems more customisable than Google Forms. Don’t forget to make any forms that collect client/parent information anonymised, so you are not sharing email addresses when you shouldn’t be!

Collecting information electronically saves a lot of time and admin (and storage of paper!) and also minimises contact. If you decide to use an online booking system many of them come with integrated forms so this is worth considering and exploring if you’d like both tools.

Another useful and interesting Q&A session with students and instructors, led by Julie. If you trained or are training with us, you're welcome to join our free monthly Zoom Q&A sessions. Keep an eye on your emails for updates.

Our Zoom Q&A sessions are just a small part of the fantastic support we provide for all our students, past and present. Here's an outline of some of the support available to our students while learning with the To Baby and Beyond Academy:

  • Private Facebook group with over 1000 instructors who have trained or are training with us - this is a great way to join our community of baby massage and baby yoga instructors
  • Monthly Live Zoom study support sessions - optional
  • Monthly live Zoom Q and A sessions - optional
  • Monthly student infant massage circle - optional
  • Optional bi - monthly low cost webinars on various topics with Julie Cleasby, founder of To Baby and Beyond, or one of the training team
  • Business challenges - optional and run every other month
  • Monthly newsletter to keep you up to date

We also offer preferential rates on some of add-on courses including our Tummy Time Instructor course

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