Published: Wednesday 04 November 2020

Do people provide handouts for parents in baby massage or baby yoga classes?

This question was asked at our October live Q&A session for To Baby and Beyond students past and present. Other questions that were asked are listed below.

Generally instructors like to provide a handout for parents in baby massage classes, as the same moves are generally repeated throughout the course. However, because baby yoga is a different approach, handouts are not so relevant for baby yoga classes. Some people may, however, like to have a handout for the Stretch and Grow sequences.

If you use songs and rhymes in a class, parents may like to have the words of those provided.

Some people like to hand out printed leaflets in their classes, whereas others tend to email them to parents who can then print the handout out themselves.

To Baby and Beyond offers a handout that can be purchased via the online shop. It either comes with a logo-free front or it can be personalised with your own logo.

Other questions asked at our October Q&A session include:

Check out the links above for the answers. If you’re a past or current student of To Baby and Beyond look out for next month’s live Q&A session!

If you'd like to learn to teach baby massage, we offer face-to-face courses and an online distance learning option. Check out the full details here.

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