Published: Friday 29 May 2020

We've had another fantastic review for our sleep support service, from a family with two children who didn't want a repeat of the problems they had with their first child:

"We got in touch with Julie when our son was 5 months old as we had struggled with our daughter's sleep and didn't want the same issues again.
"When we first got in touch he was napping in the sling in the day and feeding to sleep multiple times a night. It was so useful to collaboratively come up with a plan for when he would wake for feeds and have a clear approach for how to get him to nap in his cot.
"He took to it really well and the manner with which Julie approached it meant it was all very gradual and gentle which suited my parenting style and made me feel really comfortable.
"She listened to any concerns and was really flexible with the schedule to ensure we were both happy and helped me to feel confident in continuing his sleep support once the package finished.
"After 2 weeks of daily email support he was waking just twice a night for scheduled feeds and always napping in his cot in the day. Since then he has reduced to just one feed a night, even sleeping for a 9.5 hour stretch!
"I'm honestly so pleased we decided to go ahead with using Julie as it took the stress out of sleep for us and has given me some lovely time to spend with my daughter."

Our in-house sleep expert Julie supported this family from Worthing remotely. They opted for our Nod online 2 week sleep support package. Find out more about our sleep support packages and how we can help you here. We offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to help establish the support you need.

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