Published: Tuesday 07 December 2021

Christmas is a happy time usually spent with family and friends. Whether you stay at home, visit others or are at work caring for children, we all make significant changes to our homes and workplaces over the festive period and this can mean additional hazards for the little people in our lives. Here’s a few tips to ensure you and your loved ones stay safe over Christmas and the new year.

  • Presents for children should be age appropriate and comply with UK standards. We’ve further advice on toy safety here.
  • Make sure that small objects that could be choking hazards are kept out of reach of young children. This includes button batteries; we’ve guidance on our blog on choking and button batteries.
  • If you’ve got candles on display, be sure to extinguish them before you leave the house or when you go to bed. Try not to leave them lit when young children are around and unsupervised.
  • Check that any Christmas lights that you’ve bought in previous years still adhere to newer safety standards. If you’re unsure, buying a new set is probably the best option. As with candles, make sure Christmas lights are not left on when you go out or are in bed.
  • Lights have cables and these can be a tripping hazard if they’re left trailing. Make sure cables are tucked away and tidy.
  • If you’re staying away from home over Christmas, chances are your family will be sleeping in different beds than usual. Don’t forget that any safety measures you’ve implemented at home (such as stair gates, or situating a cot away from radiators or windows) won’t necessarily be in place wherever you are. Do a quick check to make sure there are no major risk factors and perhaps plan ahead by taking travel stair gates or similar.
  • A lot of the action at Christmas centres around the kitchen. The best course of action is to keep younger children out of the kitchen and, therefore, away from the risks of burns and scalds - or them being a trip hazard themselves!
  • Whether you’re at home or away, give a thought to potential poisons including medication, alcohol and cleaning products. Are they all out of reach of children or locked away?

We hope you all have a very merry and safe Christmas and we look forward to seeing you on one of our first aid courses next year. We offer a Paediatric First Aid for childcare professionals, available in Angmering (near Worthing/Littlehampton) and Brighton & Hove, or as an in-house option for a team of colleagues.

If you're a parent looking to gain first aid skills and knowledge, check out our online Baby and Child First Aid course. You can study from home at your own pace.

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