Published: Thursday 03 February 2022

Our Calmer Stories instructor course provides you with lots of mantra and breathing exercises as well as mindfulness activities suitable for children. All of the ideas can be used either in your sessions, or as standalone activities.

The ideas are so simple but effective. In such a busy world these activities and techniques are ideal for helping children to be in the present. In fact, they are helpful for both children and adults and can really help with reducing anxiety and self-regulation.

You can choose to share these calming ideas and activities with parents and children, or in a childcare or school setting. Wherever and whoever you share them with, they will add an additional calming dimension to your sessions or part of your day.

Let’s face it: the more calming activities we have the better for everyone!

Once you start your Calmer Stories instructor course you’ll be introduced to lots of ideas and inspiration. Our courses are also updated with new content so you can check back for additional ideas and information.

To start you off, here’s the My Little Jar of Happy mindfulness activity. You can use this at home, work or any other environment!


  • Take a jam jar or draw a picture of a jar
  • Have little pieces of paper available
  • Write down or draw as many things as you can that make you happy
  • Put them in the jar
  • Everytime something makes you happy, write it down or draw it and add it to the jar
    What an amazing Jar of Happy you, or the people you’re with, will have!

Find out more about our Calmer Stories instructor course here. It’s an online distance learning course and, on completion, you’ll be able to offer sessions to children from around 2-11 years old.
This is a perfect course to share in nursery and Early Years settings, to add in additional skills to your current classes, or to provide simple but effective techniques in primary schools and home school groups. Check it out now and start learning!

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