Published: Saturday 18 June 2016

Since 2015, RoSPA have been running a campaign to highlight the dangers that nappy sacks can pose to babies and young children. Unfortunately nappy sacks present a suffocation and choking risk to babies. There have been several deaths attributed to nappy sacks over the last few years.

As you’re no doubt aware, babies love to grasp anything and put it in their mouths. With nappy sacks being flimsy, they’re ideal to be scrunched up and explored by young mouths. With this in mind, think about the following:

  • Always keep nappy sacks - as well as any other plastic bags or packaging - out of reach of babies or young children.

  • Don’t store them near your cot or anywhere that’s reachable by baby. You might have thought about putting them somewhere on your changing unit or around the cot. This may be fine but do check that it’s not anywhere that baby could reach and grab.

  • If you can buy them on a roll, do. It’s harder to put these in your mouth due to the size.

  • Don’t put nappy sacks into a pram. You might want to carry them in a convenient place when you’re out and about but this may be reachable by baby when you’re distracted by something else.

If you’re a childcare professional who’d like to highlight the dangers of nappy sacks to parents or colleagues, take a look at RoSPA’s campaign website where you can order or download posters and leaflets.

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