Published: Wednesday 28 April 2021

This question came up in our March Q&A session for baby yoga, baby massage and toddler yoga instructors and students.

One participant, currently midway through their baby massage teacher course, confessed to finding the 'I Love You' baby massage move tricky. This one can be harder than most because of the difference between the instructors right and left, and baby's/parent's right and left (and this can be complicated even more if your camera reverses you when on Zoom or similar).

Julie, founder of To Baby and Beyond, advised sticking to one point of view, so either yours as the instructor or the baby’s rather then flitting between the two. It’s also ok to suggest to parents that this is the most complicated move so that parents then understand why they might find it tricky. Take your time both when learning this and when teaching it in baby massage classes. As with many things in life, you will find your way with it the more you do it!

Another baby massage instructor suggested that, rather than explaining it as left to right, do it from heart to hip.

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